Current Client - General Questions


To better serve our clients and provide a quicker response to client status requests, we are happy to introduce the KEL Client Portal. This portal offers an inside look at the activity surrounding your case with the most recent status update, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and easy access to uploading necessary documentation. The KEL Client Portal can be accessed on this page or by going to where clients can enter their personal username and password to gather case information.

Please keep your username and password in a safe place. If you ever feel that your information has been compromised, contact our Client Services Department and we will send you a new password.

A Fast Way to Get What You Need

This web-based system will not replace personal contact with clients but will ensure more assistance in obtaining status updates. While our Client Services Department is always available to respond to emails and phone calls, the KEL Client Portal will be the quickest method available to answer questions and see the most recent activity on a case.

In an effort to improve communication with clients and answer questions regarding the firm and process surrounding a file, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area is now offered. This will supply clients with an overview of KEL’s processes and procedures as well as immediate answers to questions that many clients are asking.

Always Protecting your Interests

To ensure that all client documentation is safely received, the KEL Client Portal will allow users to upload requested documentation into our secure online system. The privacy and security of our clients is of great concern and therefore this information will only be accessible to the professionals assigned to the case. We are confident that this new service will provide a quicker, more effective method of delivery for our clients.

Our goal is for clients to have up-to-date information as our professional teams strive to put your best interest first. While this service is to better inform our clients, it is not intended to remove personal contact from the process. For a more detailed update or an emergency situation, please do not hesitate to contact the Client Services Department for assistance.